For Business Owners
As a business owner evaluating your options, you should be confident that the acquisition will be a collaborative effort. Our team of professionals will work in partnership with you and anticipate your on-going involvement with the company in a mutually agreeable capacity such as a minority investor, consultant, advisor, or board member. We will provide you with the liquidity you need to forge a path to retirement and the senior executives needed to continue to build the business.

We work closely with owners to satisfy their personal and business objectives, which may include:

  • Achieving liquidity for financial security at an attractive valuation

  • Maximizing total value

  • Continuing to contribute to the company's future

  • Providing management and employees with ongoing opportunities and a sound future

  • Ensuring a high certainty and speed to a closing

  • Small, niche business focus

  • Partnership in succession planning

  • Liquidity to shareholders

  • Experienced investors and operators

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