• Small, niche business focus

  • Partnership in succession planning

  • Liquidity to shareholders

  • Experienced investors and operators

Why Araquot
Araquot's unique strength is acquiring companies where senior executives or owner-operators are engaged in succession planning and desire to transition out of day-to-day operations into a more consultative role. Not only will we provide you with liquidity, we will invest our resources and provide the senior executives needed to ensure the future growth and development of the company.

Araquot is experienced with the unique market, business, cultural, and - at times - family issues that arise in smaller businesses. With over 80 combined years managing, investing, and advising small and mid-sized companies, our team has first hand knowledge and experience navigating these issues to a successful conclusion for all parties.

Our investment strategy is based upon the philosophy that companies committed to excellence in all areas will create long-term value. To this end, we pursue a collaborative approach during the transaction. Post-closing, we build on this relationship and extend our efforts in a number of meaningful ways, such as further professional development of employees, a commitment to quality and fairness with both customers and suppliers, and a close economic alignment of interests between the company and its workforce.
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